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About This File

(Rules) Up to 4 players each control one of 4 "keeps" (castle, pyramid, iron tower & caverns) in a pocket dimension. Each "Lord" has different weapons, magic & minions to use while both defending his turf (each keep holds keys or secrets the other Lords need) and infiltrating the keeps of the other three Lords. Although cooperative mode is used (mainly so that the keys work), you MAY attack other players. Try to let your minions do the work for you, though. It'll save on ammo. (Before you set out from your keep, wake up your monsters with a couple warning shots with your weapon. You'll be suprised at their enthusiasm, and the resulting confusion should keep an invader busy for quite some time... Besides, you'll be long gone by then.) Lords are encouraged to make (& break) alliances & treaties, assassinate or imprison other Lords (not to worry, escape is always possible), etc. It's "All For One" AND "Every Man For Himself" at the same time. (ie: politics) You must escape from D'Sparil's pocket dimension at ALL costs and the Lord who does is instantly proclaimed Arch Wizard Deluxe and Winner of the BattleGame.

NOTE: The game described above is called The BattleGame. (wizwarsb.wad, B for BattleGame) This HERETIC variant may not appeal to all HERETIC players, so I've also included:

The Adventure (wizwarsa.wad), for solo or standard cooperative mode

The Deathmatch (wizwarsd.wad), for standard deathmatch play

Please don't use the BattleGame if you want to play standard HERETIC solo or cooperative modes. The monster setup will be ALL WRONG and no challenge whatsoever.

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A pretty tough level with an unusual design. There's no exit; your goal is to defeat all monsters. Good luck.

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Unknown date

Excellent. Would love to try it on multiplayer. altho Disparil kept teleporting himself to a trapped place behind some water

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  • File Reviews

    • By Philnemba · Posted
      Had a blast playing through this 2001 classic on UV with saves although the last 2 maps were such a ball buster I wasn't sure if I was able to complete this wad but heavy save scumming prevailed 😅. Also I personal think Map 10 is the best Archvile only map I've ever played to where I think its better than both Plutonia 1 & 2 😈    
    • By printz · Posted
      A low-detail tunnel dungeon with tricks and traps, probably typical of dungeon crawlers. The execution falls rather flat, with too little detail and trial-and-error situations. Gameplay ends early, you don't need to go everywhere.
    • By Walter confetti · Posted
      It's a cute first mapset by FractalXX, a mapper mostly known to be the project leader of Gridlock 64 and some other maps for other projects. The wad is strongly reminiscent of 90s mapsets and have quite good attention to detail, as well of lots of "bright colors"  in the textures usage that is rare to see in Doom maps. All maps are pretty short (the one that take me most of the time it was 10 minutes of play) and this mapset can be finished in a half hour. Best map in the pack is MAP09, but overall  a ok episode for pass the time.
    • By spd7693 · Posted
      Didn't impress me much. The maps are short and mostly simple, you start and you finish - that's it. Most of the maps are simply arena fights with some tougher monsters. 29 is a bit of hectic and I will say that I don't like secrets that obviously require an arch-vile jump. Maybe OK to be speedran on UV-Fast, or UV-Respawn - it's quite challenging - but for a calm player like me, who enjoys playing tricks with monsters and finds more thrill dodging projectiles than fast-killing stuff, this wad was quite boring. I'd honestly rather play Eternal Doom than this. (If I have another 6 months to spend, of course.) Let's see if Zone 400 will be more thrilling.    Yeah, I am seaching for maps with lots of fight puzzles, switch puzzles and moving around, that aren't as long as the ones in Eternal and Epic 2. Is there such a wad at all? 
    • By Lebsrostla Halabala · Posted
      I think it is a great megawad to improve skill of someone who just finished Doom II. Short and fun levels with great soundtrack.