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Kiev Series

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About This File

Medium-sized DOOM II Altdeath levels for 3-4 players. BTW, my first real levels ever made. And don't say I didn't warn you; try out these levels before you play them. The exits are easily reachable because I think that you should not play with wimps who push the exit button when they're about to be shot. And yes, I do know of cooperative exits; but I have to admit I was a little bit too lazy.

MAP01 - Technophibia - was build first of all five levels. It contains some computer textures, hence the name. The only aim was using no new textures, which I finally did throughout all levels. The music is the main theme of Indiana Jones.

MAP02 - Moo View - was build last. It started with the two little courtyards and everything else was built around them. The name was chosen because of its magnitude; if you don't move, you won't get a good deathmatch running. The music is the soundtrack of Mission Impossible.

MAP03 - Sea Of Destruction - is, in my eyes, the best of all five levels. If you look at the map and compare it with that of MAP11, you might recognize why it carries that name. The staircase with the two towers between was inspired by a level from Duke Nukem 3D, but I can't remember by which one. I chose the music from E1M1 because I wanted to give you the good ol' feeling just like the first time you played DOOM.

MAP04 - Earth Of Power - was built as the second level. It should bring about a tense mood. The labyrinth is stolen from E3M3. The music is the song One by Metallica.

MAP05 - Lamer Dome - in fact, the smallest level, was built third, sticking to Inferno style. The name is actually a distortion of a SimCity 2000 scenario. The music is the song Head Like A Hole by Nine Inch Nails, who also made the soundtrack of Quake.

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Unknown date

These maps seems pretty damn solid, with map04 being the weak link due to tight knit, annoying pink corridors just like in Pandemonium. Contains MIDI's you've certainly heard before. Check these out if you ever have the time, they seem fun.

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  • File Reviews

    • By Gaia74 · Posted
      I must say that although it is a wad of terry, I would like to find a serious one like this, new enemies very interesting and original just for their attacks, bosses that have inspired me (and you can see it in my creations) and it is really amazing like this wad despite having their terry traps is entertaining and much better than many wads of 32 levels, if you want to have something interesting to play and different as long as you ignore the story is fun filled with very good boss fights, excellent music, this is an option although if you can not stand the terry traps just do not try it   5/5 to be a joke wad   Gaia74
    • By Chipchase · Posted
      A quarter of a million monsters in a gigantic flat square room. It is said to be for stress testing source ports (and your PC?), otherwise it's on the other side of crazy. It took my PC nearly two minutes to load the wad (I thought it had crashed) and I took less than two seconds to die. At least it ran - the author says he never even managed that.
      The first screenshot has a high viewpoint because an Archvile lifted me. The second shows it in the Eureka editor; seeing only about 4% of the area, and every red square is a heavyweight monster (yellow selecting a caco).  and Doomguy is in the bottom left corner. Eureka was crawling, almost unusable - how did the author even build this?    
    • By CaptainResident · Posted
      This was great. Great joke wad and a great Terry trap collection. Instead of the generic "Oh it's a well made map at first then BOOM" it's actually a well-made megawad that simply has them as little traps that can be avoided. It's able to be completed, seriously. That's new. I especially love the final boss and highly suggest using a cheat against him. Trust me, do it, it'll be worth it.
    • By defiatron · Posted
      This wad is fucking legendary.
    • By geo · Posted
      Are you up for a brutal, non stop challenge through detailed, but bland environments? The Secret Energy doesn't let up, so it's either a low health slaughter map or a speed runner's dream to get from switch to switch, all while enemies constantly spawn in with each button press. There's little health for such meaty enemies and even on the easiest difficulty, it's a slog to kill them all. To balance out the lower health, there are less hitscan enemies that seem to be relegated to a few chain gunners that can get distracted in a sea of madness.   It feels like a punishing experience from the first room. It fills with imps, then pinkies, then flying enemies, then revenants and a cyber demon. The entire map is like that. Enter a room and it will flood in via waves. Each wave opens up something new and you need to find where that new thing is. Is it a switch on a wall? Is it a switch inside of a pillar? Did a door just open up? Are you supposed to go back into the main corridors of the complex? At least on my first play through, I felt there was a poor flow to the level.   The place is so big and centralized, you might miss where you need to go next. No arrows, the switches are around corners and walls inside of rooms that may or may not have opened. The game has its detail, but detail with greens, browns, a few blue wires across the floors, perhaps to guide you to the next area. It was all lost on me and blurred together into a jumble. While the structures of each new room was different, it's the color scheme and darkness that stayed the same.   Give it a try. There is something redeemable in here for those hardcore enough to endure the first room, let alone the entire map.