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About This File

This level is designed to be a fast paced deathmatch level with a Doom ][ feel. The level is very smooth flowing. You'll find yourself covering all of the level. The weapon layout was well thought out, so that certain weapons are more desirable to obtain than others. For instance every one will know were you are when getting the Plasma. Since the Super Shotgun has become such a favorite weapon in deathmatch, that also has a slight degree of consequence, but is located so that every one will be going for it. Ammo and health were also major factors. I felt that the super health was just a little to much, so in the exit I put 60 health potions (don't you hate when your screen stays white for a while). And you'll only find the green armor. Loaded up you'll survive a rocket in the face with maybe 20% heatlth (where was that health again). The level has at least 50 hours 2 player deathmatch testing, so everything was debated, from sound (certain sound, certain area), lighting, warp in spots, starting points, weapon layout, health layout, and even graghics. So if your not satisfied with this level, you just don't know what deathmatch is! This level is best played with -altdeath and deathmatch 2.0. One hint is to keep the Super shotgun away from the other guy as much as possible. Also when exiting the plasma room launch a BFG, it'll at least even the score!

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Unknown date

A very strategic 1v1 map. The risk vs. reward style creates very intense situations. It's not a twich map and will make you listen and think about what the other player is trying to do. Sounds give away positions but can also be used as destractions. All in all my favorite 1v1 map!

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  • File Reviews

    • By Doomkid · Posted
      Download the REAL file here (rd1.zip is NOT correct) https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom2/megawads/d64d2   Shocked to see so many negative reviews. I had an absolute blast with this one, and I'm not sure what Nems was talking about with the Boom stuff as this runs in Doom2.exe with no trouble. In fact, there is a TON of impressive vanilla stuff going on here. I guess it was so well done that it tricked him.   This deserves a high score. It's a lot of fun.
    • By Rimantas · Posted
      It definitely makes Doom look darker, but also slightly changes colors (it reminds me PSX Doom). I prefer original Doom colors and miss how it looked on CRT (almost same colors as with modern monitors, but less brightness and maybe more contrast).
    • By Hypпotiк · Posted
      Great spirit/item placements, and also nice trap placements. Textures are georgeous and scream "1980's sci-fi action movie".
    • By guitardz · Posted
      Some very cool techbases with a nice texture set and pallette.  The music is pretty epic.  And it all runs in vanilla! (Or so it is said, I played it in GZDoom)
    • By Philnemba · Posted
      I honestly can't believe that this whole megawad is 100% vanilla compatible and its only the first of THREE episodic megawads! Esselfortium and her team of creative energetic mappers has done an amazing job from the unique texture set, the music, the maps & even the tweaked color palette that fits the mood of the whole thing.    100% highly recommended! 5/5