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About This File

Walking through the baren wastelands inspecting the damage that the demons from hell have left you with, you spot an injured demon hobbling about. Suspecting there may be more where it came from. All of a sudden, you hear a crack, and then the ground begins to tremble underneath your very feet. You stumble trying to keep your footing. The quake is too strong. You fall backwards into a steep pit that you never recall being there before. Your bag of ammo snags on a branch, and you fall on your back far below. You hear shots coming from behind. You run for your life. Finally, at a place to catch your breath, you stop and pull out your trusty pistol. You feel this may not be a pleasant journey. You are forced to kill all that surrounds you, in a desperate attempt to spare your life before whatever inhabits this place decides to come home for dinner.

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A fun little level. Interesting abstract design and plenty of monsters (including nazis) to kill with RL and BFG. Pretty easy indeed but I somehow got too cocky and died once anyway.

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Unknown date

a little to easy

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