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About This File

Map 01 : This was my first map for Doom2, a twentieth-century street scene. It has been updated since its original version with the new graphics that I made for this wad.

Map 02 : A homemade map of the starship Enterprise. The layout of the hallways was not meant to be accurate; but certain rooms (ie: the bridge, ready room, observation lounge, transporter rooms, and ten forward) were based on set designs from Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Map 03 & 04 : Most of these two are homemade; the western towns in the middle of each map, however, were based on the first two maps from Boothill.wad by Tim Ash. (Just think of the wild west as a holodeck program within the Star Trek theme.)

Map 05 : For this one I changed about 80% of the map from startrek.wad, and then pasted the whole thing onto itself to form two new starships: one whole and one damaged.

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Too high copy&paste factor, and too primitive layout and gameplay. Overall: solid meh + .5 for the effort + .5 because from 1997 = very small 3*.

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Unknown date

It's OK. Star Trek fans should like it, but gameplay isn't all that great.

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Unknown date

this was cool

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