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94'ish, but enjoyable

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About as 94' as you can get, but kinda in a charming way. Has most the hallmarks of the period: misaligned textures, weird texture choices (see crates on the ceiling), plain (but functional) rooms, and even a boss that would only end the episode on an early version of Doom. That said, the gameplay is solid, and that wad is even a bit self-aware. E2M6 spells out 94 in barrels =)

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these 22 years old e2 maps still able to give some exciting moments....map 2,4 and e2m7(best) are ones i enjoy most....v.easy for modern day standards...so many unmarked areas use iddt to save time...some inescapable spots...and e2m8 don't exit after Boss spider dies...for its period its very nice

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Unknown date

An early E2 replacement, with smallish simple maps. Texturing is everywhere, there's not much eyecandy and there are problems (impossible-to-find secrets, pointless detours, stuck monsters, it's possible to trap yourself in some places), but there are also some very fun traps, layouts, and fights. Overall, clearly not bad, especially for the time. In old Doom.exe versions E2M8 ended when the Mastermind dies, which is why there's no way to exit in modern engines. --2/5

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