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DeeP v8.84

   (11 reviews)
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About This File

DeeP is a radical improvement over multiple step "insert" editors. If you like drawing in "blocks", you can do that too!

There is no comparison!

DeeP has Power, Speed and Ease of use. A long list of features you Dream of: from exclusive Texture drawing, Map printing, Cut, Copy, Paste, (even between different levels) and (best of all) Undo, to powerful and unique -interactive- WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) drawing tools, +plus+ a 3D map viewer.

It supports both keyboard and mouse users with equal ease. DeeP is DeeP easy to learn with detailed tutorial levels and online help.

With its unmatched set of options, point and click editing and DeePBSP (the *only* fastest nodes builder on the planet), great levels can be created in less than 1/4 the normal time using other editors.

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Kristian Nebula


Used it a lot back in the days and really loved the graphics editor!

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Walter confetti


Take a shot at this editor on dosbox and it's pretty impressive for such a old editor! Pretty easy and competent program, looks like a ancient version of the most popular Doom Builder editor.

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Creating a decent wad editor requires a huge amount of work. Doing that, and then sharing the results >>>FOR FREE

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So glad Codeimp made Doom Builder... Deep was great way back when

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Unknown date

Deep is very Cool! 13paszczak@wp.pl

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Unknown date

Nah deep and deepsea pretty much suk

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  • File Reviews

    • By erkyp3rky · Posted
      while it does a good job replicating episode 1 aesthetically, the levels are riddled with questionable design choices. doors that dont need to be there, a million secrets often crammed onto the back end of a level resulting in useless items unless youre not pistol starting, and just a bit too easy. for an author who claims his work is top notch and the best of the best, you shot your arrow pretty far from the bullseye my friend.
    • By Somniac · Posted
      Another one I haven't played for years and years and just revisited: Fava Beans is a solid E1 replacement and a good one if you want a chilled out, mostly really easy WAD. The level design is a cut above considering the historical context of this set, and it nails the E1 feel. Heavier monsters are introduced much earlier, but the difficulty rarely gets above casual.   E1M8 is anticlimactic and feels like a letdown after the consistency of the preceding maps, but aside from that I recommend it for an easygoing old school Doom fix. That said, it could have been harder in places. There have been better E1 replacements since, but Fava Beans is still worth a look.   Best: E1M4, E1M5, E1M7
    • By stevenaaus · Posted
      Awesome megawad. Great gameplay and visuals. New monsters... super coherent. Cheers :)
    • By Walter confetti · Posted
      Not that crazy as you can think from the title, it's a interesting map with some cool design choices and some nice small puzzles as well. Fun to play and run swell.