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The First External Camera for Doom II

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About This File

This is an external camera patch for Doom 2. I included one patch that gives you the classic green marine, and another that gives you the blue marine with some Quake weapons. There are also patches for an imp, a demon, and an enforcer(not the one from Quake).

Run CAM.BAT for green marine 1-fist/chainsaw 2-pistol 3-shotgun/s. shotgun 4-chaingun 5-rocket launcher 6-plasma 7-BFG Run CAMBL.BAT for blue marine 1-fist/chainsaw 2-pistol 3-shotgun/s. shotgun 4-chaingun 5-extra damage rocket launcher 6-grenade launcher 7-lightning gun Run CAMI.BAT for imp 1-claw 2-fireball 3-fireball 4-fireball 5-fireball 6-hellfire 7-hellfire Run CAMD.BAT for demon 1-chew 2-chew 3-chew 4-chew 5-imp fire 6-caco fire 7-baron fire Run CAME.BAT for enforcer 1-fist/chainsaw 2-pistol 3-shotgun/s. shotgun 4-super rapid chaingun 5-railgun 6-High Energy weapon 7-area burner

In the future I might add such features as: -Animated walking -See what weapons you've selected -More new characters(trooper, sargent, etc.) -Duke Nukem

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Unknown date

Hilariously primitive version of the CHASECAM option in many many modern Doom ports. It replaces the weapon graphics with the Doomguy's back, making it even more usless than the chasecam option we know today.

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  • File Reviews

    • By CountArchvile · Posted
      Terrence For fucks sake...
    • By Yura04kizel · Posted
      Laggy hell with 32k monsters and too much invulnerability spheres. Just... total vomit.
    • By Chipchase · Posted
      Insanity, with voodoo dolls (see second screenshot).  I get the idea of a shooting gallery if that rocks your boat, but 6000 monsters behind railings- as far as the eye can see, FFS! My PC crawled when I looked towards the invuln spheres (someone said 32 k of them and you can't avoid picking up thousands at a time). In the end I cheated with god mode and no-clipping, and waded in among the chaingunners until I got bored.  
    • By Chipchase · Posted
      Simple, clearly a first wad.  All on the flat with big, brightly lit, and architecturally implausible rooms. The first map has two rooms, the second map one, and the third map one plus a kind of exit lobby. You can do one of two things - just run past the monsters and finish (I did it in 35 seconds), or have a bit of fun killing the monsters first. No noticable bugs. I hope the author will go on (or went on) to greater things.