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About This File

It's the Devil's Night, October 30'th, of 1995, and you were working very hard today. You blew away so many of your fellow Space Marines away, you were awarded immortality, among other prizes in the biggest slaughterhouse of all, DEATHMATCH 95 in Seatle! After all, you are B.J. Blazkowicz, so you know how to deal out death!

After being awarded an advanced copy of Quake, along with $500,000 in other prizes, some short gray-haired person in Confederate clothes rushes in your direction. You say to yourself: "No. No. No way! How did Colonel Sanders find me here? Doesn't he have some chickens to fry at one of his restraunt chains or something, instead of bothering me?" Romero looks at you: "You ARE the only one who saved the world many times from total disaster. This must mean we're in for another attack from Hell." John Romero, Jay Wilbur, and Trent Reznor all point in the direction of the Colonel, then shoved you towards him.

After hesitation, you ask the colonel: "What the @@@@ now?!" The Colonel tells you: "In the hills of California, where golddiggers went during the Gold Rush many years ago, those demons from Hell just built yet another base for human mutilation, so they can take over the world! They already took Los Angeles, and are taking more cities. Anyway, this place is built on and within the former Itszall Mine, near LA, using the old crumbling shafts to both use and hide via the rocky caverns. Many marines, and even the Army were sent in, but alas, they all failed. Looking at your outstanding records, it looks like we'll all have to rely on you, the One-Man-Army. Good luck. NOW GET GOING!"

The Colonel gives you a map of LA, with the area in question circled in bright yellow. You flew to LA via USAir, and to your suprise, the plane landed safely. "Who ever thought USAir could land a plane?"

After being mugged by gang members, you stumle onto the partially- hidden base. Some of it was quite visible, and some of it were underground, looking into these flooded shafts through the huge cracks in the ground. "DING!" What happened? You were teleported into the place you were looking for, and you look in awe, as you go end the terror...

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Unknown date

Another groovy Fiffy level. All his trademarks are here -- huge size, lots of monsters, few rockets and zap-juice boxes but many boxes of shells and bullets, obliging the player to take out a lot of big monsters with plain ol' powder and shot.

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  • File Reviews

    • By NuMetalManiak · Posted
      this is a strange wad, with assets similar to Darkest Hour and other Star Wars-themed wads, many of the maps focus on small killings, as most of the maps are actually small. Pinchy's finale sure makes this worth it. oh yeah, quite a few custom stuff was done. the flamethrower marines were quite annoying, while other monsters gained multiple attacks, new ones, it's all so zany. the maps are pretty well done overall and this is worth a try.
    • By Doomkid · Posted
      Okay, I get it, it's a megawad mainly for speedrunners who are intricately familiar with the mechanics of the game down to the nitty-gritty. A series of challenges/obstacles that, for the most part, seem to be possible but are generally ludicrous (and sometimes outright laughable, in a good way).   This was is not a "pile of junk" as a few have said however it's really, really lacking in a lot of ways. I get that the wad is meant to have a fun-and-not-serious tone despite it's overall extreme difficulty but the texturing looks like the insides of a toilet bowl after a Taco Bell buffet. Seriously, these maps are jealous of how beautiful and futuristic maps like UAC_DEAD look. The DWANGO series looks like fucking Ancient Aliens compared to this.   The MIDIs are lighthearted, silly and fun, which adds a layer of appeal for me personally. I loved seeing Patrick Stewart at the intermission too, rofl   I had some fun with this IDCLEVing through the whole wad and giving each map a try or 2 before moving on to the next but I seriously doubt I'll ever be back. The same idea with better texturing and overall taking itself just a tiny bit more seriously would warrant a higher rating. Ass-ugly texturing, silly MIDIs and a silly titlepic/interpic are fun in their own right so don't take me the wrong way but a lot of it crossed into "looks like the authors gave 0 fucks" category and I just have to take points away for that.   Also,   lol wtf is this bullshit is this a terrywad or somethin i mean jeeeezus   Overall, this is worth a peek just for some fun but unless you're a highly skilled speedrunner that also doesn't mind looking into a crapchute map after map, this probably doesn't really have much for you.
    • By mArt1And00m3r11339 · Posted
      If it were renamed "Garbage Dump," I would have given it a better rating.
    • By StormCatcher.77 · Posted
      A large, but not very prolong map, which is interesting to explore. I liked the author's strategy to place strong weapons in well-protected places. To get them the player need to pass a kind of test. The difficulty depends on the player's luck. It is important not to miss the shotgun at the very beginning, otherwise entangled corridors can lead the player to a situation in which he will be easy prey, left without ammo. Visually, the map looks neat, another good example of using standard textures.