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Revolution The Adventures of Neb

   (3 reviews)
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About This File

Travel throught the halls of Neb school and kill the evil teashies, who plan to enslave the children of the WORLD!!!!

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Looks like a project made @ school by a bunch of 8-12 year old kids. Ambiance is presumably nice for children of that age, but not for older. Besides that, it has too many problems, like monsters who aren't activated when they see you, too simple layout / decoration, and childishly poor monster placement / gameplay. Rated for 8-12 years: maybe 3*. Rated for 13-years and above: not worth a play + 0.5* for the effort, so very small 1*.

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I think I may have happened upon an all new low. If you want to play a school wad with new graphics for whatever reason, play phoenix3 or schoold2. If you hate yourself immensely, play this instead.

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Unknown date

Yet another "slaughter your schoolmates" maps that went out of fashion with Columbine. This was made by a boy half my age and is as bad as you would expect from the readme. It has dreadful new sprites, many of which face in only one direction, and isn't as good as that Finnish school wad that I played a while back. Violates two cardinal rules of the Doom mapper's bible: it contains toilets, and it is modelled on mapper's school.

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