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Bunker Storm

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About This File

This level is best for a three or four player deathmatch game. One player defends the bunker, the other players have to cooperate in attacking the bunker. All players start in the same room, but the first player into the teleport ends up inside the bunker ready to defend against the others.

The defender has lots of health and ammo inside the bunker, but only one life (once dead, you start back outside the bunker again). The attackers have as many lifes as they need, but only limited weapons and health. To 'break' into the bunker and kill the defender you have to get past several rooms and time locked doors.

Once the bunker is cracked and the deffender is killed, spread the word and start fragging everything in sight.

To see how to defend and attack, watch the demo bunka.lmp, using 'F12' to spy through the defender and attackers helmets.

Play the game with deathmatch 2 rules (Using -altdeath) no monsters and on skill level 1 or 2. If you think you're really good at storming the bunker, play on skill level 3, then two defenders can teleport inside the bunker!

Skill level 4 (Ultraviolence) is for single player mode only. To play this you must use dehacked Vr 2.0 and the bunka.deh patch file which turns red pillars into machine gunners.

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Unknown date

Good stuf.

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