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REoL TOUGH: Special Edition

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About This File

You're about to enter three lands where pain and suffering are well known for going hand to hand. First off, you head to a weak Military Base run by the enemy. It's a cinch, and prepares you for the worse. We like to call it "Thy Easy Initiation", bacause only a scumbag fails here! If you make it, you're then sent on the the worst battle since the Citadel, knicknamed "Cita-DEATH". Oddly enough, it's another citadel, and there's more death and destruction. Looking sort of like the citadel you first faced, commanders like to call it "Citadeath II". It is indeed like the older citadel, but tougher, and more functional.

Finally, you're about to enter "Thy Final Fairwell", where one of 2 things are about to happen to you. You'll either live to tell about your horrific battles, or you'll die here. The Cyberdemon made a small arena between you and him, within the canyons in which the base lies within. Strange, he blocks the Exit, which leads right back to the city where you came from. When you see that, you know it's all over.

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Unknown date

Slick, exciting mayhem.

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Unknown date

This is a good 90ies wad, typically looking (and feeling) for its time. The maps are medium-sized with a not too complex layout. The challenge is avarage. All told, it's a quite entertaining oldschool-game. 4/5 -Milian

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