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  • File Reviews

    • By Origamyde · Posted
      Ah, yes, the ultimate benchmark tool for anyone looking for a decent computer. A fine piece of technology (I didn't even realize that this WAD had somewhat of a plot, despite its joke-ish nature), indeed, with a bonus feature by the greatest rock song on Earth.   5/5, would play again with anything but a potato.
    • By URROVA · Posted
      tutorial how to correctly make a slaughtermap
    • By Giant Jumbo Jellyfish · Posted
      A jokewad and a benchmark rolled together into one. Hard to say anything about this really
    • By 1Destro3456 · Posted
      This is a historic Doom pwad, it's impossible not to give this 5 stars. Only thing is that if you want to play this, play it on GlBoom plus if you're using an old version of PrBoom or change video mode to GlBoom because if you do not do this, your computer might explode (though if you're using an old computer or one that is not very powerful itmight not explode but you will probably not be able to play)
    • By roadworx · Posted
      while i will admit that there's some genuinely good maps in here, the majority of icarus: alien vanguard is very 'meh'. maps that i'd consider to be good or bad are in a rather small minority, with the vast majority of the megawad being comprised of mediocre, rushed maps that are visually bland and fairly mundane gameplay-wise. even for the standards of the time, i'd say that a lot of these maps are outshined by their contemporaries; there's a multitude of maps of that era both more visually appealing and more fun to play. it's because of this that its rushed development is quite apparent when playing through the maps.   however, despite this, there are some gems to be found in here. some of the maps in the set are much more competently made than the rest, and they stick out like a sore thumb. unfortunately, if you're planning to play the wad front-to-back, most of them only appear in the second half. it's a shame, because if the entire megawad was of this quality then i would've really enjoyed it. what i will say though is that the number of good maps is higher than the number of downright terrible ones, so icarus does have that going for it.   one positive aspect of the megawad that i have to mention is how great its music is. icarus has an absolutely fantastic soundtrack full of distinct songs that, while not saving the maps from being mediocre, does help immensely with giving each map a unique identity. some of them - especially that of map08, which sounds like it was ripped straight from 1975 - don't fit with doom in the slightest, but they still help to break the monotony and are still great to listen to. the entire ost has a distinct sound to it as well, one that i haven't ever heard anywhere else. even if you don't wanna play the wad, i highly encourage you to at least listen to some of the songs in it.   overall, icarus really isn't that great. i wish i had more positive things to say about it as many people do find it to be quite good, but i simply don't see what many others do in it. for the most part it's rather mediocre with a few highlights to go along with it, and doesn't hold up as well as many of its contemporaries have. with that being said, i do still encourage to anyone reading this to at the very least check out the second half of the wad as it has the highest concentration of decent maps, and has far less of the bland silver spaceship theming that icarus tends to be associated with.