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The Arch-Mage

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About This File

I hope you all have heard of D2xGold, but since you probably haven't, here goes: http://www.doomshack.com/doom2x This site will lead you to the original versions. Doom2x is a series of TCs involving Comtar of the X-world, who has taken over the Icon of Sin and is using that to take over the Earth. These TCs have their bad points--most stuff besides the Dehacked patches are reused, a lot of the graphics/sound replacements are kinda cheesy, the difficulty is unfathomable--but for all the series's bad points, D2xGold has at least one good point: the Technomage. This enemy has graphics and sounds reused from Hexen, but it's a completely new enemy that'll stick in your mind WAY more than that other mage. (What was its name? ) This is because the Dark Bishop's (oh yeah) graphics and sounds fit the Technomage's evil, frustrating nature.

However, I know that few people know of D2xGold, and few have fought with this horrible entity. So, I've created this: the Arch-Mage. The Archvile is replaced with a mockup of the Technomage that looks and sounds...vaguely like him and acts exactly like him. Good levels to find Arch-Mages are Levels 11 and 28; Level 23 will really show you you their power but only after a romp through part of the level.

This patch is designed to give a brief preview of this horrifying enemy. The Arch-Mage is relentless and mobile, and its powers are lethal. But this is only a taste of the fear-inducing Technomage, which is only one of the many new enemies of D2xGold. Want more? Visit the Doom2x Homepage and download away!

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  • File Reviews

    • By Chipchase · Posted
      Absolutely ludicrous, Now I need a new keyboard. Technically as bad as a wad can be, surely deliberate. I like to check out low-rated wads, so it's a pity that some clowns gave this  (and other bad ones) 5 stars, because averaged with correct low scores they end up with a middling rating and can be missed.
    • By Chipchase · Posted
      Would not play with PRBoom, with errors about missing files : FluidR3_GM.sf2 and STARTAN2.  These were not provided in the zip file.    
    • By MajorRawne · Posted
      The map author left the words "how not" out of his description, I'll let you figure out where.
    • By Chipchase · Posted
      More tripe.  Huge badly designed and featureless rooms that give you leg ache just watching going through them. The opposition from monsters is pitiful. 
    • By Chipchase · Posted
      A busted crock of shit. The map is random scribble, it's insane.  Why do they upload this tripe?  The third screenshot above gives an idea what to expect.