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The Arch-Mage

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About This File

I hope you all have heard of D2xGold, but since you probably haven't, here goes: http://www.doomshack.com/doom2x This site will lead you to the original versions. Doom2x is a series of TCs involving Comtar of the X-world, who has taken over the Icon of Sin and is using that to take over the Earth. These TCs have their bad points--most stuff besides the Dehacked patches are reused, a lot of the graphics/sound replacements are kinda cheesy, the difficulty is unfathomable--but for all the series's bad points, D2xGold has at least one good point: the Technomage. This enemy has graphics and sounds reused from Hexen, but it's a completely new enemy that'll stick in your mind WAY more than that other mage. (What was its name? ) This is because the Dark Bishop's (oh yeah) graphics and sounds fit the Technomage's evil, frustrating nature.

However, I know that few people know of D2xGold, and few have fought with this horrible entity. So, I've created this: the Arch-Mage. The Archvile is replaced with a mockup of the Technomage that looks and sounds...vaguely like him and acts exactly like him. Good levels to find Arch-Mages are Levels 11 and 28; Level 23 will really show you you their power but only after a romp through part of the level.

This patch is designed to give a brief preview of this horrifying enemy. The Arch-Mage is relentless and mobile, and its powers are lethal. But this is only a taste of the fear-inducing Technomage, which is only one of the many new enemies of D2xGold. Want more? Visit the Doom2x Homepage and download away!

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  • File Reviews

    • By NuMetalManiak · Posted
      this is a strange wad, with assets similar to Darkest Hour and other Star Wars-themed wads, many of the maps focus on small killings, as most of the maps are actually small. Pinchy's finale sure makes this worth it. oh yeah, quite a few custom stuff was done. the flamethrower marines were quite annoying, while other monsters gained multiple attacks, new ones, it's all so zany. the maps are pretty well done overall and this is worth a try.
    • By Doomkid · Posted
      Okay, I get it, it's a megawad mainly for speedrunners who are intricately familiar with the mechanics of the game down to the nitty-gritty. A series of challenges/obstacles that, for the most part, seem to be possible but are generally ludicrous (and sometimes outright laughable, in a good way).   This was is not a "pile of junk" as a few have said however it's really, really lacking in a lot of ways. I get that the wad is meant to have a fun-and-not-serious tone despite it's overall extreme difficulty but the texturing looks like the insides of a toilet bowl after a Taco Bell buffet. Seriously, these maps are jealous of how beautiful and futuristic maps like UAC_DEAD look. The DWANGO series looks like fucking Ancient Aliens compared to this.   The MIDIs are lighthearted, silly and fun, which adds a layer of appeal for me personally. I loved seeing Patrick Stewart at the intermission too, rofl   I had some fun with this IDCLEVing through the whole wad and giving each map a try or 2 before moving on to the next but I seriously doubt I'll ever be back. The same idea with better texturing and overall taking itself just a tiny bit more seriously would warrant a higher rating. Ass-ugly texturing, silly MIDIs and a silly titlepic/interpic are fun in their own right so don't take me the wrong way but a lot of it crossed into "looks like the authors gave 0 fucks" category and I just have to take points away for that.   Also,   lol wtf is this bullshit is this a terrywad or somethin i mean jeeeezus   Overall, this is worth a peek just for some fun but unless you're a highly skilled speedrunner that also doesn't mind looking into a crapchute map after map, this probably doesn't really have much for you.
    • By mArt1And00m3r11339 · Posted
      If it were renamed "Garbage Dump," I would have given it a better rating.
    • By StormCatcher.77 · Posted
      A large, but not very prolong map, which is interesting to explore. I liked the author's strategy to place strong weapons in well-protected places. To get them the player need to pass a kind of test. The difficulty depends on the player's luck. It is important not to miss the shotgun at the very beginning, otherwise entangled corridors can lead the player to a situation in which he will be easy prey, left without ammo. Visually, the map looks neat, another good example of using standard textures.