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About This File

A large Deathmatch designed with 3 or 4 players in mind, but 2 players will have a blast too. Single play mode has monsters, but not many; this wad was constructed primarily for Deathmatches. Take a GOOD, LONG look around before Deathmatch play because of all the secret doors, lifts, etc. Take nothing for granted, a seemingly safe spot may have a false wall nearby hiding an opponent with a rocket launcher!


Single play is supported in all skill levels but 1 & 2 will have no monsters, these skill levels are reserved for Deathmatch: more ammo in the weapons and different weapons placement. The game will NOT run if you try, say, Deathmatch with skill level 3-5, or co-operative multiplayer with skill level 1-3. This was necessary to make the best scenario for each mode of play. Here's how it works: -Skill 1: SINGLE PLAY/DEATHMATCH, no monsters. BEST FOR DEATHMATCH. -Skill 2: SINGLE PLAY/DEATHMATCH, with a little less ammo in each weapon than skill 1 for a tougher Deathmatch. No monsters. -Skill 3: SINGLE PLAY only. A few monsters, but pretty easy. Added a few helpful items. -Skill 4: SINGLE PLAY/CO-OP MULTIPLAYER, more monsters than skill 3, pretty tough. -Skill 5: Same as skill 4 but monsters respawn. Nightmare! For ANY multi-player game you must add the appropriate "-skill x" switch in the command line because DOOM2 automatically defaults to skill 3. The "-nomonsters" switch is not necessary for Deathmatches.

There is only ONE spot, between two lifts, that you can get trapped. If you do, the acid floor will give you a slow and painful death. There is a Hall of Lost Souls from which many have not returned, Beware...

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  • File Reviews

    • By tempdecal.wad · Posted
      It's bad because it's hard.
    • By StevenC21 · Posted
      Umm... this isnt Doom 64? Or even remotely related to it?   In addition, its a shitty wad. You are expected to fight 2 arch-viles with a pistol, and then a cyberdemon witha  chaingun in an enclosed space.
    • By Nems · Posted
      Should have been called "Doom 64 for Boom".   I really wanted to like this more. I mean, I do like it but I feel like the gripes I have regarding it just bring my overall rating for it down too much.   It was interesting to see how, at first, the authors recreated the Doom 64 levels in Doom 2 with just vanilla assets. You can still see some of that in the Boom levels like how revenants and arch-viles are used in place of where traps where. That was an interesting touch and I liked that.   As I got further into it though and more of the Boom tricks were used my thoughts wandered from "hey this is a nice vanilla interpretation" to "man I could be playing Doom 64 EX or Doom 64 Retribution". I really wish they would have stuck with vanilla constraints for this reinterpretation. I would have liked to see how they would have handed nightmare monster placement (would a nightmare imp be worth two imps or three, for example). I feel like using Boom and DeHacked cheapened the experience, like they were trying to replicate Doom 64 as close as possible rather than doing a vanilla Doom (2) interpretation.   Additionally, map 30 can fuck right the hell off with that puzzle bullshit.   Anyway, if you don't mind any of the complaints I made, you'll likely have fun with this. I got some fun out of this as well but to me it feels like it's trying to be exactly like Doom 64 rather than simply a vanilla Doom 2 interpretation of Doom 64. In trying to be exactly like Doom 64, it just makes me want to play that more than this.
    • By Marlamir · Posted
      Pretty good. The combat was fun and design wasn't bad at all.
    • By Meril · Posted
      Despite its age, nice details and well designed. Way how blue key is hidden is really clever. But map is dark and cramped. Enemies are only imps and hitscanners.