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About This File

The genetic experiments at the Universal Acme Corp. have gotten out of hand. You must clean up the mess, find the computer control central, shut it down and destroy it. This wad shows off many of the neat things DOOM can do. This is a polished wad with NO HOM and full alignments. Plenty of ammo and weapons if you use the right strategy. This level is designed for strategy and playability. Watch out for traps! You WILL be killed the first time through! Full support for single, multi-player and deathmatch.

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· Edited by geo


This 1994 generic level deserves 2 stars, despite its glaring flaws such as door tracks moving up with the doors, misaligned textures and confusing layout. Where it deserves a single star is after a full 20 minutes, the level is so confusing that I gave in and abandoned hope. For me as a player to be so confused, yet not lost and needlessly run around to several parts of the level over and over again isn't my problem, its the author's problem. It would have been different if I felt like I was having fun or making progress rather than backtracking over-and-over.


Flip a switch and 50% of the time it does something out of the room. Where? Its up to you to find out. Find a yellow key? Open a yellow door to reveal a bland room with a fireplace. Nothing is here, solid walls, the fireplace has nothing in it, nor any way to enter it. Time to search the entire complex again for a random door or wall that may have opened.


Wait what's that? Nothing actually opened? Time to scour that unassuming yellow door fireplace room. Oh look its a secret door that seems mandatory. Constant solid wall after solid wall reveals a door. Heck some walls lift to reveal key doors. The entire map is like that, walls open up with not only enemies and ammo behind them, but things you need to progress. Some boxes had to be opened to find a transporter or switch which is good, because its right there in the box, there's just no indication outside of looking at the map that the box has something inside.


On the plus side, there are a variety of environments. Typical star tan rooms, toxic filled exteriors, skin walls and wooden hallways. It has balanced health to stay at 100% and ammo enough to need to change weapons.


I can see the amount of work and yet still imperfection of the 1994 era in this level. The sad thing is this is the second version. There's a worse version out there! Its unpolished, it was a chore to get through and I failed to get through.







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I'm not sure i this intended or not, but if you go through the level in "wrong way" the exit becomes closed forever. Stay away from this.

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Unknown date

A minor update to id=12310 which attempts to fix some of the flaws of that version of the map (the confusing teleportation) but instead manages to make progression *worse*. For example, you are now required to run over a random corner in a room to open a remote door placed in another room. It's again very easy to inadvertently make the map impossible to exit. Texturing has improved slightly, but still feels haphazard. Skip it. --1/5

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  • File Reviews

    • By galileo31dos01 · Posted
      Done with these settings:   - Crispy Doom 5.3.
      - Ultra-Violence
      - Continuous combined with pistol start mindset.
      - No saves, mostly.
      Very decent tribute to the original game. Each map is essentially a remix of the ID's levels, built around the same theme and music tracks per episode, albeit with the author's personal changes to the design. Aesthetically, the only notorious difference, and by no means less important, is the texturing he decided to use in some sections. In general the maps look extra polished, there were no signs of misaligned textures, but I wasn't that attentive to be honest. He did left the most distinctive visual features of each map untouched, for example where it's supposed to be a dark secret dungeon, it is a dark secret dungeon, just not copy-pasted.    As said before, Wonderful Doom is just a revamped Ultimate Doom. If you know the game by heart, there may be little room for surprises, so you can take it as a memory test. Of course, the author added his own touch to the gameplay. I would underline the size of the rooms in comparison to the iwad, tending to be more compact though in no way less attractive. In consequence, they lead to a bit more claustrophobic combat, specially throughout the latter episodes, sometimes you'll find yourself in a hairy situation like a slow drop in a cluster of imps and barons coming from the shadows, or starting surrounded of pinkies and barrels to detonate using your ol' peashooter. Another thing is the resource balance, sometimes giving more leeway where there wasn't originally, other times less obvious for the pistol starter. This is part of several plot twists Wraith added here and there to the main concepts to keep it somehow fresh and interesting, but I'm not going to spoil any in particular.    Secret-wise, I guess it's not needless to say almost all of them can be found normally, there is one in E2M9 that can't be triggered due to the teleport line. Otherwise, there are no broken sectors or staircases of secrets (sorry to burst your bubble ;P). There are no disliked maps, and so I'll avoid to pick favourites this time. I also didn't care if most maps were extremely similar to the iwad ones, but that could not be the case for you.   Overall, I won't lie and say this turned out to be thoroughly enjoyable. It's what I expected from an author with such love for plain vanilla Ultimate Doom. Nostalgia fans should give it a go. Well, as long as you wish to "play Original Doom one more time", otherwise if you expect a thing like "Doom the Way ID Did", it might not be wise to download this. My rate is 8/10.
    • By bemused · Posted
      This is clearly the most groundbreaking, exciting release of the decade. Forget your megawads, this is where its at. Wonderful, delightful, sublime, glorious... all words that dont even come close to expressing just how great this wad is.
    • By Meril · Posted
      Another abomination in doom mapping. It's crap even in crap category.
    • By Meril · Posted
      Ugly, rectangular, not enough ammo. In one word: CRAP
    • By Meril · Posted
      Sound replacement is terrible. Sounds are very annoying. Level also is ugly. Only thing I like is sprites replacement. Kicking nazi asses is same as good like demons ones ;)