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UAC Resurrection story

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Ho hum, story by me, if you like it, good for you.

You get captured by UAC soldiers because you had completly destroyed the Phobos base 12 years
ago. You are taken to a execution site on Phobos by spaceship. It lands and you are thrown off, then
the spaceship goes back to Mars. You sigh and you go through the door, to find out that something totally
unreal. All of the guards here were killed. Brilliant.
You walk to a dead body and observe it. It
appears to have been dead for days. You turn around and see a familiar monster go through a
door. You realise it was something. Hellspawn. It seems that some survived the battle 10 years ago at Earth. They must of went in hiding and produced more, possibly creating new types.
You pass out and regain consciousness. Too bad you can't remember what happened next. When you wake up, you realise you are back at the drop-off site, without armor, and your pistol. Great.
It's a good thing you keep a spare pistol... without ammo. You stand back up, and look for ammo. You hear moaning through the door that you went through before. What in the world is going on? You guess it's time to investigate...

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