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misc- random doomish poem-GDP

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Games Demons Play

There is no winning, just the loss,
HE cannot help me, down in Hell,
And not a vision of the cross,
So no salvation from my cell-

My soul was gone and left astray.

A light breaks through, from the dark,
The face I feared I'd have to see,
He tells me "go and make your mark,
You do this task, I'll set you free"-

Do I join the Games Demons Play?"

The game is over, I had to succeed,
By self and wit, and proved this day,
But with new sins I'll never be freed.
And from the dark all he had to say-

"You never win in the Games Demons Play."

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That's actually the intro story for my new TC- Games Demons Play- assuming I can get past working on Level 1 (Note: Lepers cannot climb the Ladder of Accomplishment; the ladder part anyways)

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