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Frank Avruch (Bozo the Clown) has died at 89 due to heart disease

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In the world of professional clowns, there are two legendary names that stand head and shoulders above all others. Bozo and Ronald McDonald. Bozo the clown was originally conceived as a children's storybook character by Alan W. Livingston in 1946. That would eventually lead to numerous television shows, commercials, and toys that would change the entertainment industry forever. 


While there have been many actors who portrayed Bozo the Clown, it was Frank Avruch who is the most noteworthy and influential. He played Bozo between the years of 1959 and 1970. He was a UNICEF ambassador and inducted into National Television Academy's gold circle. He leaves behind a wife and two sons.





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22 minutes ago, Ajora said:

Bozo and Ronald McDonald

Get your facts right :p



That aside, sad loss. Can't say I knew of him before, but it seems he has quite an impressive track record. Let's not forget that turning 89 doesn't happen that often, so I'm sure this was a life that has been "lived", if you know what I'm trying to say.

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Didn't forget about Pennywise. Or The Joker. Or Krusty. They're all iconic mainstays in the global entertainment industry, but Ronald McDonald and Bozo are both by far the most influential in terms of paving the way for more traditional circus clowns. 

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