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Rucksack Gamer

GZDoom OBJ Mapping


So I was wondering, because I made a 3D OBJ map, if anyone could explain to me how I could make the map fully 3D like the model, as opposed to some walls, a slope or two, and some completely corrupt mapping areas. I took Surface from Goldeneye and tried converting it to Doom, and a lot of the map got messed up from being multiple layers. I have a screenshot of it (it doesn't have any textures except the "STARTAN3" wall texture for the snow) attached. If you've ever played Goldeneye, then you know what the map should look like (I took the screenshot from around the bend at the beginning on top of one of those sniper towers)...


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Oh... Thanks. It's a bit annoying that it can't import overlapping stuff, but whatever I guess. Again, thank you for giving me the answer though.

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