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Putting a rig together

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Im starting university soon and i wont have time to upgrade during the next 12 months bar maybe a gfx card upgrade.

Im looking at getting a 2.8ghz@3.3ghz p4 with 512 ddr 400 and a ti4600 THEN upgrading to a NV30 apon release.


a 2.53b@3ghz p4 with 512 ddr400 and a R9700

I already have the ti4600.

I cant afford to buy a cpu better than the 2.53b p4 and the r9700 at the same time so i would have to put my existing card in there until i can save a bit again.

From the sites and magazines as well as ID staff members Doom 3 should be out for next May (id dont want to have to show the game of a 3rd time at e3) so basically the computer im gonna make is gonna be the machine that will play Doom 3.

My aim is to play Doom 3 at 1024x768 32bit game settings maxed with 4x anti aliasing and 8x anistropic filtering. With that in mind which of the two options should i go for? Would a 3ghz p4 and a Radeon 9700 do the job or would i be better of getting the new 2.8ghz p4 overclocking that alot and then waiting till closer to Doom 3 and then upgrading my gfx card?

Pardon my ignorance.

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Once again, read the FAQ thread on top of the D3 forums - it really ain't that hard.

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I'm not an expert, but I think you'd be better off sticking with a "slower" CPU and investing money in a cutting-edge video card just before the game comes out.

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if sources are to go by the game will be out for May time and thats during my exams.

I need a system to build now that will be top quality for at least the next 9 months while im at uni.

And this is not 'what system specs do this game need?' thread. Im asking which of my plans would be best for Doom 3.

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i have to agree with flathead about sticking with old cpu.1.6 Ghz Cpu might do well for soon-to-released game(BF 1942,UT2k3,U2,Nolf2)
the price of 1.6 GHZ is rather low now.

and when DOOM3 is released,you will have enough money to both upgrade CPU and Video card.

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I dont mean to be rude but no one is really reading my post are they?

In my post it says "Im starting university soon and i wont have time to upgrade during the next 12 months bar maybe a gfx card upgrade."

Doom 3 will be out within the next 12 months and if i dont upgrade now i will not be able to upgrade till some months after the game which is not good and my current system is lacking in the processor and ram department especially. The only time i have to upgrade is now befre university starts. I could probably get away with a gfx card upgrade during that period since it would only take 15mins max to shove the card in and sort the drivers.

So should i get a 2.8ghz p4 and keep my ti4600 and then upgrade to a nv30 in january or should i get a 2.53ghz and get a Radeon 9700 and get whole upgrade out of the way.

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If I were you, I would just try and get a better graphics card - what CPU do you have now? If it's above 700Mhz then it should suffice afaik.

Nowadays, the most important hardware device for games is the graphics card afaik - focus on that one.

Hey Flathead, maybe you should update the FAQ thread with a note in the system requirements section that says that it is advisable to focus on the graphics card above everything else.
Another suggestion I just came up with would be something about what we know about AI - I'm getting a little tired of all these AI threads. You must admit that AI is a topic that keeps returning.

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I've been at university for the past three years and have found plenty of time to upgrade.

First year:

- Voodoo 3 2000
- SB Live!
- second hard drive (10 gb, woohoo! ;) )
- I also moved everything into a brand new tower case instead of an old desktop case this year

Second year:

- new power supply unit (the old one broke)
- new CD drive (the old one also broke ;) )
- new hard drive (40 gb, replacing an 8gb one :) )
- an extra 256 megs RAM

Third year:

Basically an entirely new system, including:
- new motherboard and CPU (AMD Athlon XP 1700+, replacing an AMD 800mhz)
- an extra 256 megs RAM for this (in addition to the existing 256 megs)
- ATI Radeon VE
- SB Audigy
- yet another new hard drive (another 40gb, replacing the 10gb one)
- CD-RW drive (swapped with CD drive)
- DVD drive

Planned for the fourth year:

- ANOTHER new hard drive (at least 60gb this time)
- a better graphics card
- maybe a newer Athlon processor

BTW, I'm not incredibly rich - some of that stuff was given to me by my parents when they upgraded their own computer at various times :)

In conclusion, you will have far more free time at university than you would have if you had a full time job - and obviously people with full time jobs can find the time to upgrade ;)

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In conclusion, you will have far more free time at university than you would have if you had a full time job - and obviously people with full time jobs can find the time to upgrade ;)

There's always the weekends and the holidays - afaik, shops, including stores that sell computer hardware etc., are open on saturdays.
Unless of course you live in a country where shops are closed the whole weekend.

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im going for the full caboodle now as im the type who has to work very very hard to get good grades.

Im not one of these people who can miss loads of lectures and bunk off and still get good grades. I also want time to socialise. Im NOT upgrading during university academic year. I would be dissing my parents who pay alot of money to give me the education that they are.

I reckon a gfx card upgrade during the uni year would be okay though.

Hmm tough decision lies ahead. Im actually researching the possibility of getting a 2.67ghz p4 and a R9700. I think the 2.8ghz p4 is excessively priced even after all the p4 price cuts.

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Well, I have 7 hours of seminars, 3 hours of lectures and 5 hours of private studying a week, which only comes to 15 hours - less than half what someone with a typical job would have (although I think I'm getting an extra 3 hours of seminars this year). Okay, so various essays and other projects you are given will take up some more time, but trust me - you will have far more free time than you seem to think :)

Besides, you could simply allocate the time you'd normally spend playing games to upgrading, that way it wouldn't cut into any of your studying or socialising time. Alternatively, as upgrading later rather than now would save you money, you could spend the money you'd be saving on getting someone to upgrade the computer for you.

Also, won't you be going home for Christmas and the new year? Even if you aren't, you will have plenty of free time over Christmas - unlike schools and colleges, universities don't generally seem to give you much (if any) work to do during this time :)

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