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Ssg Reload Sound from Xbox Live Arcade Port

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The Xbox 360 Version of The Ultimate DooM & DooM II Used Pitched Shifting But the super Shot Gun reload sounds were slowed down and Sounded better than the The normal reload so I made a Wad slows down the Ssg reload sound Made with Audacity and Slade 


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i super love the idea since the lower pitched ssg reloading is indeed way cooler, but you made a lot of critical mistakes.

the sounds seem quieter, lower quality, are cut poorly, and you didn't even bother converting them to vanilla doom sound format, which you can do using audacity as seen here.


pls try again because I would really really like a good version of this but have no interest in putting effort into things

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Posted (edited)

You didn't even need to go through all that process. Just change the playback frequency of the sounds from 22Khz to 11Khz. You can make this change with a simple hex edit from 22050 to 11025, no re-encoding needed:




And boom: 11khshot.zip

And if you're wondering, yes that's literally exactly all it takes. The slowed down sounds originating from the original-Xbox port are simply because all sounds are played back at 11Khz regardless, thus the SSG sounds play back at half the speed.

Edited by Edward850

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