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I need help drawing up a custom weapon

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So I'm new to creating custom weapons/monster and idk where to start. I'm horrible at drawing, right now I'm working on a gun but just don't know where to go with it or how to make it doom style. I'm hoping for some help


Hopefully somebody can explain how to make it doom style and maybe some help with the current weapon I'm making.

horrible start.PNG

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It's quite a lot of work:


1) Learn how to extract Doom's existing weapon sprites. This will help you figure out how to install your own.

2) Draw in a higher resolution (I'd say twice the res, same aspect ratio) as the intended final resolution for the game. That way many imperfections get lost when downsizing to game res.

3) You've nicely divided up your weapon into sections by colour. Focus on one section at a time.

4) Note: you'll need to figure out what is happening for each frame (e.g. muzzle flash frame, recoil, reloading etc). Draw a storyboard on paper to help you think. This is also why step 1) is necessary.

5) Photo your own hand in daylight in the same position and use this as a starting point, or google a suitable hand picture and start from there.


I'd say this whole process will take up to a year if you've never done any of this before. (For people with experience it's quicker). If you're happy to put the work in then good. Just want to let you know it'll not happen overnight.

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First, you need inspiration. Second, you need some picture resources. Third, you need to self-learn how to draw stuff and practice them. I have been practicing drawing since I was 6 without any help from teacher (because they sucks).








Hey, maybe you should try MediBang Paint Pro. It is a free software for illustration and manga stuff but there is a brush tool that allows you to make pixel artworks. Like this:


Edited by Gordon Grand : I forgot to say something and insert some pics.

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