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[ALPHA 0.1.4] ζetaBots: The ZScript Bot

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[WARNING! For maintenance reasons, the thread was moved to ZDoom's forums. Download is there now! There is a GitHub repository for who needs to download quickly. Releases here.]





ζetaBots are an early attempt at reviving the Doom bot scene, made possible by the new implementation of ZScript being made stable.


The main concerns with ζetaBots were universal game support and node pathing and saving; in fact, a single CVar stores the whole node list for the maps of a single game! (Doom II's nodelist CVar differs from Hexen's) It will be guaranteed to be gigantic, since the CVar stores a serialization format that allows multiple levels into one. The navigation system was heavily inspired by Unreal Tournament (1999), which reuses Unreal (1998)'s engine (which was developed since 1995) - so if you know UnrealScript and how to use PathNodes in Unreal, you might know how to use ZTPathNodes here!


ζetaBots will be capable of using any weapon they find, because they use a special model where a ζetaBot class controls a 'doll actor' (made to look and sound like a player), which can pick up any weapons, which are used. The kinds of dolls and weapons are known thanks to special modules - ζetaModules, which also add support for items in general (OnPickUp).


Main Features:

  • Multiple male and female voices!
  • Pathnode system with A* pathfinding!
  • Supports any weapons and player classes! (given there are modules for them, supplied by their respective modders)
  • Constraints akin to real players! (max speed, max firing rate, etc etc)
  • Weapon rating system!


"Screenshots or didn't happen!" Well, here we go:

  • Mowing zombies with a friend has never been so fun!


  •  A cool 360 degree GIF of 5 pistols VS. 2 barons



Edited by Gustavo6046

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I felt like I had to bump, since when the thread began, there was just a lump of text and a crappy roadmap, but now that it's in a presentable format it's already in the bottom of the index.

If necessary, tell me and I'll delete this post.

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mark55, you can download the PK3 and drag and drop it in GZDoom (must be latest, and must NOT be Zandronum, because it uses more recent features!)

Then you just press the 1 in the keypad (that "box" in the right of the keyboard with the numbers).

Edited by Gustavo6046

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