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Shiny Heart

Your favorite MIDI songs?

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To list a few of my favorites:

- INVASION.mid from Invasion UAC4 (as well as a few other midis from that wad)

- Legend of the Black Sun by Knightrider of Doom (a 49-minute midi)

- Angry Science from BTSX ep2 map26

- the ZDCMP2 version of 2012 by Jimmy (and Jimmy's stuff in general)

- most midis from Descent

- most midis by @Eris Falling


I've actually been collecting midis myself, I have over 100 of em on my phone. Most of it is various stuff from doom wads that I liked enough to rip from the wad and occasionally listen to.

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Head Like a Hole.mid



Dwango5 Map01.mid

G-Spot Tornado.mid


Literally the entire EXEC.wad soundtrack too!

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d_dmsec, it was a MIDI used in the Deathmatch levels of Skulltag



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