Announcing Elementalism, a brand new megawad for GZDoom!  Coming soon(ish).    Elementalism takes classic Doom gameplay and combines it with GZDoom enhanced graphical features for an all-new six-episode Megawad.   Update posts: 23rd June 2018 2nd September 2018 27th October 2018 12th March 2019 1st December 2019       Six mini-episodes of 5 maps each, with every episode themed around a mystical element: Earth, Air, Water, Fire, Light and Dark Classic Doom gameplay: explore maps, hunt for keys, shoot lots of monsters.   Atmospheric level design, featuring custom textures, ambient sounds and special environmental effects.  Journey from ancient Mayan temples in rich jungles to clockwork furnaces and beyond! A dynamic and persistent hub map that allows you to move between episodes while keeping your progress through the levels 7 brand new boss encounters – one for each episode, and a final boss 6 brand new weapons – one for each episode, themed around each of the elements Extensive use of GZDoom graphical features to enhance the look of the levels, including custom-made environmental models, shadowmaps, portals, GLDEFs, dynamic lights, normal and specular maps, and anything else we can get our hands on (but no fundamental gameplay changes – this is classic Doom at heart!)   All mapping by a handful of UDMF-experienced mappers:    @Bauul  @Bridgeburner56  @Dreadopp  @Dragonfly   @Phade102  @Remmirath   With modeling, code support, consultation, & testing from:   @Clay @Gutawer @Xyzzy01 @Jimmy @leodoom85 Swiftwolf Blacktail @Rachael @CyanoBlugron @DMPhobos   And an amazing custom soundtrack from:   @HexenMapper @PRIMEVAL @Eris Falling @Speedy @HeavenWraith   The full credits list including texture artists, music sources etc will be released with the project.                             All screenshots are work in progress.       Elementalism utilizes the very latest GZDoom features; it is designed to work with the latest version of the source port.  It will require a decent spec PC to run as it makes heavy use of OpenGL 3.0+ specific effects, but we are doing our best to optimize the maps as best we can.     At the time of writing there's no fixed release date.  These maps are notoriously time-consuming to create, so we're giving ourselves as much time as we need to get them right.    We'll continue to update this thread with progress over the coming months!