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GZDoom & Dedicated Servers

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How unreasonable is this? I was just thinking, I would love to be able to have a dedicated server for GZDoom running so I can easily start a game. Is this feasible? If not, why?

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I don't think it will ever happen mainly due to GZDoom using P2P. The multilayer-oriented ports use a client/server architecture which means many people can connect to an always-on server independently of one another. This is why there are no GZDoom servers.


An additional benefit of C/S ports is that the only lag is between the player and the server. In P2P, every client is attempting to share packets, so with more than 2 people it tends to be unplayable since the data has to travel between so many clients while attempting to stay in-sync. C/S ports don't have this performance roadblock and also integrate features such as clientside prediction which gives the impression of a much smoother game.

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