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Man of Doom

Former Human Armor Designs

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So as a small art project, I’ve done a hypothetical mock-up of what the armor of Former Humans would look like in a more modern style (they’re the zombie marines in the original Doom). I’ve done this using GIMP 2 and reference pics from riot armor. 


Former Human (Zombieman): F70 Riot Armor issued to security guards stationed on UAC.MARS colonies


Former Sergeant (Shotgun Guy): AN61 Kinetic Armor, worn by a PMC soldier assigned to safeguard restricted UAC facilities


Former Commando (Chaingun Guy): SS-80 “Red Dragon” Armor assigned to PMC soldiers guarding UAC.EARTH slipgate labs


UAC Phalanx: denotes military forces contracted to protect UAC assets


Shadow Company: a PMC task force hired by the UAC to safeguard its shadier dealings

Funnily enough, I found both logos doing a Google image search for any UAC logos that weren’t found for classic Doom, Doom 3, or Doom 2016. In fact, the “winged sword” is also a UAC logo (technically). 

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