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Offsite linking problems?

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I've helped dsm with this tip in the Fan Fics/Pics forum, and I may as well post it here.

Geocities, Tripod, Angelfire and other webpage hosts often piss many people off, including myself. We click on a link to a hosted page, it usually doesn't work. Copying and pasting doesn't work either for many people.

I've discovered a tip on how to view these pages instantly, although it can be a bit of a hassle for some people. These steps are as follows for mIRC: it may differ depending on your client.

Got mIRC or a similiar IRC client? Load it up, connect to any channel, double-click on your own user name and paste the address of the link into your user name window. Hit enter, and when the address appears in the chat window, click on it and you instantly arrive at the page.

No "webpage exceeded its bandwidth" or any messages like that UNLESS the link is incorrect or the actual page itself is messed up (not the host's error).

It's a pain at times, but it's really useful. Of course, if you don't want to paste the address into your own user name window that's fine, some people might question you about it though, that's all.

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