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Most favorite level from Episode 4

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I'll bump this thread a little bit so we can give E4 a little more love. It is my favorite episode of Ultimate Doom after E1.

My favorite level has to be E4M2. It's brutally difficult, but not so difficult as M1, and I think the rest of the levels kind of go downhill from there.

Constrastly, I'd say that my least favorite is E4M3, but M4 comes rather close.

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I'm rather fond of E4, as well. I'd probably put it as my favourite episode, even if it isn't as well-designed as E1, simply because E1 is too damn easy and it's sort of boring to go through now.


Favourite map is E4M4. I can't even tell you why, exactly, but it just feels comfy and interesting to me. Wish it were a bit longer, but oh well.


Most hated map of the entirety of The Ultimate Doom is E4M6. 'Against Thee Wickedly' is just a pain in my ass. It wouldn't be so bad if the central floor area didn't hurt you (not that I take much damage from it or anything, but having to go across it at all, ever taking any damage is a main in the ass. This isn't the only official Doom map that pulls this shit), but my biggest gripe is the cyberdemon at the end. John Romero put two maps into the episode, and in both of them, he felt the need to add in a cyberdemon. Look, cyberdemons just being thrown into a level is already one of my big pet peeves with Doom level design, and the placement of it in M6 is just really damn annoying. Too far to consistently hit it with a rocket launcher, can't get mid-range because of the pit, so the only way I can ever deal with him is dipping in and out of the corner right in front of him, blasting him with rockets until he dies. It just kills the flow and feels so poorly designed.


That said, I like M2, despite the cyberdemon and the annoying placement of hell knights early on when getting the first keycard.

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