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On reviewing/judging doom multiplayer maps....

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How do you determent a doom multiplayer map to be "good"? Also are there any sites/places that review doom multiplayer sets ("multiplayer" here covers dm, invasion,... but could be only just one of them).

Kinda clueless to the multiplayer scene so i would like to know :D

Also, 500 post, hurrrr

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Nowhere really reviews MP sets, only particular people because not many MP can be bothered to do so (or are even capable of stringing together a coherent sentence). Right now your best bet for map reviews comes from joining doomshack plays sessions as we go through wad after wad, or requesting feedback from people for WIP.


Best way to determine goodness or not is having several people play and making a judgement from that. Bear in mind many people are content with playing garbage (we intentionally played some awful wads in doomshack plays and people legitimately enjoyed them) and will not be able to give you a good opinion. Seek mappers, good players, and people who have been around for a long time.


otherwise, at a glance, many maps can be determined playable or not based on....

- flow

if the map is disjointed, directional, bumpy, or grabby, it sucks 9/10 times


- intensity

maps should be able to balance fast and slow pace action, not strictly be one or the other.


- visibility

can't find your opponents (or monsters), map sucks


- spawns

can easily make or break a map.


- balance

if one side of the map has a megasphere, soulsphere, blue armour, that's a problem. also bfg balance and tackling rocket spam potential


- layout

small circular arenas are really shitty, so are enormous mazes. make a layout that is unique but also integrates common conventions


- accessibility to weapons

like it or not the ssg is essential. however, most spawns do not have to be (and shouldn't be) ssg. it's also nice to have a variety of weapons at your disposal. stop putting pistol spawns in maps


particular to CTF

when constructing a map you must consider the 3 essential positions and each of their roles from the point of view from offensive and defensive tactics


particular to LMS

every spawn should be capable of winning


particular to domination

leave some breathing room for the domination points instead of constant turnover


particular to coop/invasion/survival

ensure challenge accommodating X amount of players, balance ammo, power ups, etc



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I thought about mentioning that but it's dead as a door nail, much like the rest of the zdaemon forums/community.

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Decay makes great points. If you're looking for feedback on an MP project it's best to join the multiplayer Doom discord as well as posting about it here and on Zandronum.com/zdaemon.org. Between all that you're sure to get some feedback and input.

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