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Doom Center

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1 minute ago, Xyzzy01 said:

Doom Center? You mean this?


Cuz this is frickin awesome! I would love a sequel.


Yes that. We are planning on adding more shit to it. Would love some ideas from people. I thought of adding a drag strip so people could race. Would be awesome if we could get more people to work on it with us.

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Single player? And a sweet little tea shop for the ladies?

Edited by grouchbag

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An update to Doom Center would be sweet. Whaddabout a circus? Or a hobby shop where all the cool kids go to play Magic: The Gathering late at night? A Los Pollos Hermanos restaurant might be interesting. An indoor laser tag area could potentially be a lot of fun. 

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More weapons, more 1 sided walls so the map runs better, WASD vehicles that don't dissapear after leaving them (I already converted 2 DCenter vehicles so if you want them just tell me) and maybe more stuff for fun on single player, missions like shipping drugs or weapons and stealing banks and other sorts of GTA-y stuff.


If you ever get around to it, i would like to help with coding and such.

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In my opinion:


1: Expand the area, add different types of stores that could sort of spice up the area.

2: Make the place look more lively. I would love to play this with citizen NPC's that won't make this city look like LA from "The Omega Man".


Here are other things that you don't have to put in, but would be cool if you would:



2: An arcade with playable games like ACS Arcade would be cool.

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