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Wolfenstein 3D in the polish news! Literally.

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The unresponsiveness to @fraggle's question here is annoying. I fear there's nothing extraordinary about that video. Go read the Reddit thread there. The actual context is in this youtube video, as quoted by this person:


Mac15001900 887 points 2 days ago 

You can see the full clip here, starts about 31st minute:


This lasts for quite a while until they notice. They also have a live twitter feed at one point with people pointing it out.


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That's awesome XD


If you loo closely, it's on the multiscreen in the centre before being sent to the two large screens either side.

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doesn't anyone think it isn't just by pure chance or accident that the swastika went on fullscreen, repeated at either side of the presentation, when the game was being played??

just that exact moment had to be seen on the screen????

+1 tinfoil hat for me, pls!! :D

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