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Hey want to see my first deathmatch wad

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It's okay to post multiplayer WADs here, 'wads & mods' circulates so quickly that deathmatch wads basically go unseen and are on page 2 with no replies in a matter of hours.


First things first, always post at least 2 screenshots of your wad. It's clear that this is your first map - reminds me of my first from-scratch maps made eons ago. Keep working on learning the basic fundamentals of mapping - Doors should not be 1,000 units wide and tall, for example. Check out these wads for examples of how a basic deathmatch wad should be designed.


I don't mean to discourage you, continue to make maps and learn. Keep mapping and deathmatching and it will come in time!

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Hmm, looks okay. Could use some different FLAT for the main floor, and also for the floor of those small towers in the center. Automatic Lifts & Doors are interesting, but you might wanna adjust the size of the door a bit? Just saying.


And is it just me, or are there no health and ammo pickups in the map? All I see is a custom shotgun sprite that seems like a sniper rifle. 


Good Work, you will get better at this with time and practice! :)

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19 hours ago, Doomkid said:

It's not my first map but it is my first deathmatch wad

i am use to making normal wads 


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