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D3 | GZDoom mod | TBA

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On 2/4/2020 at 11:07 PM, omegamer said:

This looks so sick, cant wait to try it out myself some time!

I hope, that our team will release alpha of the 1st episode by new 2021 year

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6 minutes ago, Tetzlaff said:

Looks excellent! I wish you would create this for Doom 3 actually...

But less people would care. Also, only original Doom has the magic gameplay :D

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Materials will be added to this project and will be loaded separately. The first version already looks impressive. Many thanks to Diaz for the work done.


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Nice. But I think these scenes would look better with Ambient Occlusion enabled.

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Concept arts for this project. By team's concept artist Mikhail Vasyukov.

Pain Elemental:




Vocher (from DOOM II RPG) 


Tentacle Commando:


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On 3/28/2021 at 10:35 PM, cwise103 said:

Is this dead?

I sure hope not, it was looking great. It's been almost a year since the last update though...

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