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DOOM: Anomality

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Hopefully I can use some weapon mods after playing through this vanilla. :D

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I got a really strong Unreal 1 vibe from the video. 

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Love it! Even without pbr textures looks amazing! I love original Doom 3 and these screenshots and vids here have D3 soul.

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Hey! Project is alive. I just working on its concepts and other. It should became very qualitative. Keep your heads up, my friends. I am working for your fun and impressions.

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3 hours ago, riderr3 said:

Where is outside areas? I hope you will add some of them.

In the first episode there is a level of Surface Of Mars. You will see the surface in all its glory. Further - it is more

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On 9/14/2018 at 2:36 AM, General Rainbow Bacon said:

Just make sure gameplay is good.  A lot of projects that look great often suffer from shitty gameplay.  Don't be one of those.

Gameplay has highest proirity. Don't worry about this.

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Doom 3 styled wad? Hell yeah i take it. Very nice screenies, looks like strong level design but i'm sure those D3 textures doing a lot on your map. Looking forward

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Newest places! Do not pay attention to "missed" texture. It is special texture added for work.

























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