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Pucking Doom: Hockey, but in Hell the pucks kill you

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Come all, ladies and gentlemen, feast your eyes on the tale of how Doomguy played hockey against hell and died over and over again for the amusement of the demons! Or just download and play it, I guess.


Download (ZDoom required, but I'm lazy and only tested it on the latest GZDoom):





Screenshot (just one, they don't grow on trees)





Doomguy was hired by a company with a subdivision that makes mobile games.


After playing a prototype of their most recent game, Angry Pucks, Doomguy laughed, sat down at his workstation and in 30 minutes made what took a group of 4 persons a pair of months to make.


After the boss noticed his speed of development, he was given a few days to make it a real game.


He was then kidnapped by demons, thrust into a hockey arena and forced to play Hell Hockey for their amusement. Doomguy's game was forever unfinished.


(No, but seriously, all but the last paragraph is real, and if you guys wanna check out the game that originated this, that'd be really sweet of you: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.babyowlstudios.angrypucks )



"This is more fun than our game!" ~ Lead Developer of Angry Pucks

"I'd actually play this if it ran on my phone." ~ Boss

"You'll be giving a workshop on the Doom Engine the next month, if development turnout on it is really this fast." ~ Boss+1

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