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My Doomworld and Zdoom forums accounts disabled

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Hello everybody.

I noticed my accounts on DoomWorld and Zdoom forum have been blocked.


Here I have been logged in again, because there was only a block for 15 minutes, I changed the passowrd and I am here again


On Zdoom the forum says: "Your account has been manually deactivated and is only able to be reactivated by an administrator." .


Did someone post something strange? Did you see in the logs something strange from my ip/username?


PS: I posted here because there is no "contact us" in the zdoom forums and I was pretty confused about that.

PS2: Feel free to contact me via PM and close this thread


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Did you typed your password wrong here? If you did you get blocked for 15mins.

I dunno about zdoom forums tho

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Well, for zdoom account you need reach out one of administrators with account details like username and such and ask about if they can activate your account. Simple. 

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Well, I've looked into it, and it seems only the LuciferSam86 account is deactivated (due to inactivity). Merlin86 is still active; you probably just had the wrong password.

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