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Abyssal Speedmapping Session 36 - NOT AN APRIL FOOLS JOKE, THANK YOU VERY MUCH

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The session what was previous.


Read the title kids. The next session hits us on the 21st of April, 5pm EST (with a second session 12 hours later if Jimmy's willing). Theme suggestions are always welcome and the Discord link will be supplied 24 or so hours before things kick off.



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This is the face of America's sex education crisis - kids getting all their notions of appropriate behavior from Doomguy's Pimp Ventures and The Imp Encounter.

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19 minutes ago, Suitepee said:

This should be the TITLEPIC for this session.

Rather INTERPIC as TITLEPICs are (at least were) vortex backgrounds with Roman numbers of session ie XIX

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I think I'll be able to make this, but I might need a 15-30 minute head start on things, since I'll be going to meet up with friends around under an hour after the maps are due.

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This is happening in 8 hours from now, if I'm correct.


EDIT: I'm incorrect according to the FP. The countdown seems to be set 24 hours early.

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-Silent teleporters

-Only 1 tag allowed

-Voodoo doll crushers implemented


Texture pack is mandatory. BEGIN!

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Name: Constriction

Themes: voodoo doll crushers & silent teleporters

Build Time: 2 Hours

Music: "Ambience" by Jimmy

Resource: Doom The Way Midway Did textures by Cage




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Map: Hurry Up Mate
Music: give me popcorn.mid from Jmickle66666666's Midi Pack Two
Themes: Silent teleporters, Only 1 tag, Voodoo doll crushers
Build Time: 2 hours
Notes: Difficuly Levels, Automap Cleaned

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THEMES! Pick one or more.
1. Silent teleporters

2. Only one tag permitted

3. Use of voodoo doll crushers
4. Skeletons in the closet - make at least one encounter where a monster or group of monsters "jumps out" at the player in an unexpected fashion. Sudden teleport ambushes, pop up monsters, or literal sector closets full of revenants are permitted. Go wild!






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