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Walter confetti

Lively unusual: a ultimate doom standard speedmapping community project

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I don't care of the consequences. Ah!


While waiting for the real deal that is E2 standard CP, for this joke festive period i'll start this dumb mini-project, some rules:


- Made a map for ultimate doom in 3 hours

- it must be playable in zdoom compatible ports

- every type of level and mapper is accepted, expect troll maps.

- New music is OK, just don't use commercial mp3s / OGGS


Optional texture pack: https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/graphics/texlib2 (search for the txbig.wad)


Deadline: 12:00 am UTC of April 2th (raised the deadline so this thing can have more stuff than 2 levels)


http://www.thetimezoneconverter.com time zone for reference.


I wonder how many people will join this, when I return home i'll do something for this. However, have fun!

Edited by Walter confetti

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Sorry to hear that.

Also, we have a 2nd submission, woah!




Title: Bill's Manor

Build time: 3 hours plus half hour for fixing and testing.

New Music: It's not unusual by Tom Jones midi



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Title: I literally stepped in poo during this map session

Replaces E1M3

UDMF map made in GZDoom 3.3

Build time: 3 hours* + 21 minutes to fix the worst geometry and texturing fails

New music: MIDI of What Is Love from Anton Baranov's music pack on /idgames

Other files required: TXBIG.WAD










*3 hours is a guesstimate, 'cause the session got disrupted by the aforementioned poo steppage.  I assume we're not being very strict about this?


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How did you stepped in poop? Are you in park walking with your pc and mapping?

Just kidding :D


EDIT: 2 hours remaining

Edited by Walter confetti

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Time's up! Thanks for participating! 3 maps that looks pretty cool for such a "joke" project!


If you want to do more ultimate doom stuff, wait for standard e2 community project!


Edit: compiling this thing this evening

Edited by Walter confetti

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compiled version: LIVELYUN.zip


8 hours ago, Catpho said:

I'll be disappointed if there are no barney shrines ;)


Well, E1M2 is a sort of barney shrine

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Maybe, but i'm not sure since it uses modified patches of existing textures (especially for the animated one), so it will be rejected due to unmodified ID content, probably. Whatever, I could always try to upload it and see what happens.

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