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Can you increase brightness a bit in screenshots?

Also what kind of port do you aiming for?


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2 hours ago, Marlamir said:

Can we get some more info?

Sure all though this is wonderful wad map 2 sucks and it was not made very well i am still working on map 3 and 30 but mainly 3  some maps don't have deathmatch or mutiplayer some others do this is my first wad with more than 1 level this wad will be worked on more until it comes out you can just play this if you want to play this wad with brutal doom feels pretty werid but it's still a brutal sight to play all though the wad was never Ment for that i might make a better map 2 later in later versions

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Just had a look, will require (g)zdoom as it has a fancy spiderdemon with a brightmap. The levels are basically square rooms with some scripting. 

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