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So... the first episode of the new FLCL season just aired this April the 1st, wanna hear what you guys thought about it.


This should be pretty obvious but, there may be spoilers to anyone who haven't watched it yet.


Overall i thought it was good, but felt much like a cliché anime trying too hard to pay homage to the past, instead of the creators legitimately enjoying their work and trying to be it's own thing ? Like it was made for the sake of appealing to nostalgia instead of realizing some creative idea to continue the old series. That dialogue the girls had about the rocket with the split screen was even somewhat cringy.

The good points were the animation wich was really good, i liked the character designs overall though the gang sometimes it felt too normal and easygoing compared to the characters of FLCL. The music was as awesome as ever too. I hope they find their way in the next episodes and dont waste the potential of the series, they have a lot of episodes to develop everything so this can turn out to be great, though the flaws of this pilot episode left me fearing for the worst.


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