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Bongo bongo bongo, I don't want to leave the Congo [part 1]

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I like the hanging demon face panels in the first screenshot. Overall, the screenshots look good. Keep it up!

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Updated the ending to map03, it bothered me that people could download it on the internet.

I thought the ending boss fight was a bit shit so I made some changes to make it less shit.


I added a new enemy that makes a small appearance, He is more prevalent in part 2.

But I thought he would make the end fight more enjoyable so that's why he is utilized so little in this release.

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Pretty neat levelset. :)

Map 01 : Cool opener, I was expecting a slower curve but you're getting right into business with traps everywhere.
Making symmetric maps is usually a bad idea, but the map's fine thanks to the quality of the gameplay scenarios.

Map 02 : Tyson and jumps, heh. Not my cup of tea but the idea is well executed. I managed to reach the outdoor area with the 3 Viles, but the jump sequence to reach the blue armor was too much for me. I'll retry with saves.

Map 03 : Easily the best of the 3, this is a large affair with plenty of devious ambushes. Very nice work. Still a fair bit of symmetry, just like map 01, but I'm sure you'll lose this habit with experience.

The area pictured on your 5th screenshot is damn hard, heh, health comes at a premium and these Chaingunners on the left along with the Arachnotron are a real pain, not to mention all the random Imp fireballs everywhere. I'm sure I've missed a lot of helpful secrets :)

Also, thanks for including the Soulbruiser. :)
I should upload this guy to the /idgames archive while I'm here.

Good luck for part 2 !

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Thanks for the feedback, I'm glad to hear you enjoyed it.


Map01: This will probably be the last time I'll try the symmetrical map gimmick. I know people usually frown upon symmetrical maps and for good reason.

But I really liked the challenge of having fun and interesting gameplay with a symmetrical map. To me it was a learning experience on how to make more enjoyable and dynamic monster fights.


Map02: This map is probably the most divisive in the set. I love E2M2 of doom and I think of it as a tyson themed box map, so I wanted to stretch the idea as far as i could with the concept. It's something i really enjoyed making but i totally understand people not liking it.


Map03: Of course took the most time and effort to make. I wanted every fight to feel unique, which lead me to hit a lot of mapping blocks when making it.

There are some symmetrical fights in it, but i thought it was so few I didn't think it was an issue. I think symmetry everyone once and awhile but you're right I probably could have worked on it in some areas in the map.


Also, thanks for creating the Soulbruiser.

He's a great midboss monster and much less annoying than Afrits.

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