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How to copy files on android version

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Newb here, wondering how to copy wad files to freedoom app. I have tried and failed multiple times,please send help.


Is it even possible on mobile version?

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20 hours ago, Apaul27 said:

Why not use ZArchiver.

Im sorry but im not really privy on how to use zip files or really how to copy them either,sorry im a dumbass.

Downloaded this compression app i just really dont know how to use it.

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If you wish to copy/move files directly using your android device, use ES File Explorer, it's an easy to use android application that works almost like the Windows explorer, lets you cut, copy and paste files, and even extract archives by just selecting and holding a file, It also let's you create folders if you wish to organize your wads ... etc, the Interface is simple so it should be easy to understand how things work.

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