Hi folks! It's been a while since I've been updated my hires stuff for Doom. Just a few days ago I realized that latest GZDoom supports PBR materials so I decide to take a look at this.  Cause I don't have much time as before (working on some fps for gamedev company right now so I usually sit in front of a computer for too many hours a day and don't have much time for other projects) this project may develop slowly than the previous one but guess what - I decide to make most of textures ones again. So here we go - first attempt to famous E1 floor texture (tools used: Maya, ZBrush, PS, Quixel):     And dirty version:     UPDATE 2018-07-04 Modeling startan3 - continuation. I really spend a lot of time analyzing this one and I came to conclusion that even id artist didn't know what the hell is that supposed to be. He probably drew some cool looking sci-fi panel wall and not bother with material that this panels were made. Metal seems to fit the most regarding numerous rusty leaks, but shape of panels (and vague description in Doom Bible) give an indication that this was supposed to be some kind of cushion-like panels which we could watch in '70-'80 sci-fi movies like Alien (look at Nostromo corridors) or Star Wars (corridor in Falcon Millenium). I don't know for sure if this is the best interpretation, so I decide to make some tests and build that one in 3 versions: cushion panels, metal and concrete. For now I have modeled sci-fi paneled version to see how it works. So here we go: Base shape:   PBR preview:
I'm planning to test it in game today.       UPDATE 2018-08-04 Door3:   UPDATE 2018-09-04 Brown1:   UPDATE 2018-10-04 Planet1 and Support2:   UPDATE 2018-19-04 Bigdoor2/4