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I'm just super in need of emotional vaporwave right now; I don't know what it is about this music, but like I figured out a while ago that a big part of why I move around so much between musical genres has to do with me sucking out all the emotional value they have because music is the only way I can feel anything


and usually they eventually run out but vaporwave and its related genres surprise me with seemingly endless feels

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Been trying to change my sleep rhythm to something more normal. It's not going very well yet. Alarm set at 10am, but can't get up until noon. I have applied for a school and there's an entry exam on next thursday... and probably need to wake up at 5-6am. The entry exam includes written stuff, some group assignment and an interview by the teacher and a psychologist... huhhuh. Am I going to be a zombie there? It's about massage. If I don't get into this, I'll apply for another. This one just is in an easier place to travel to than the other.


Previous year I applied for a school too, the written part went ok. The interview part was so late that I had drifted into zombie mode and... my... speech... was... like... this... slow. So I didn't get in then. Hopefully this time goes better. Really need something more to life than just hobby game development.

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On 5/12/2018 at 7:30 AM, arobase said:

I'd rather die.

A strange stance for an emotional vampire: to disregard the music with the most emotional depth and range of them all... Maybe the two conditions are related?


To OP: All good here. Thanks for asking.

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lmfao I had a C in history, I got a B on my final and it brought me down to a D


fucking kill me

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