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darkness engulfs 4 minute speedmap

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I can't decide whether you need to be stopped or preserved for scientific study.

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So circlestrafing revenants and lost souls and hitting the exit switch (which looks like it's applied to the whole of the wall and shouldn't be)? Did I miss something? Is there supposed to be something more? Your story mentions a mansion and ghosts. There was just one oddly shaped room full of revenants, lost souls, and rockets.


OK. I just noticed this was a 4 minute speedmap. It makes more sense now.

Edited by Pegleg : Added speedmap comment.

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I was thinking about this level. You may want to strip about 75% of the revenants and lost should out of this room and then use it as a central room for a larger level. Then you could start making a "mansion" to fit your backstory. If you still wanted to go for the speedmap aesthetic, you could make a four hour speedmap, which would allow you time to do much more, and probably get more eyes on your project.

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