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under pain of DEATH!!!

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2 hours ago, xdarkmasterx said:

new level get here it was rejection from community project for too large so i put here with exits now :) https://www.dropbox.com/s/3w3f39jc3rln5xv/underpainofdeathv2.wad?dl=0


your name is johnny hicks the fattest marine in the UAC one morning u heard that a demon base was uncovered where they put all the meats for their invasions so you went theyre to eat it "no dont the demons eat the human and you will become cannibal!!!" they protested but u didnt listen man u r starvin come on lets kick some alien A.SS!!!!






What port is it for?

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1 hour ago, xdarkmasterx said:

on difficulty below ultraviolence is armor available :) image.png.7cfd886694313df757e8a07734211f37.png

Oh, I was talking about an UV-max demo. It´s surely doable with enough tries, just felt a little bit random gameplaywise, not a big deal. With this monster density, I feel like either cover, armor or BFG, if you know what I mean. Also, because of the maps open nature, it felt a bit weird that the water teleporters recognized both players and monsters, as there are no ground monsters on the water, only on the platforms. Mostly Cacos, PE and LS teleporting around. But over all, besides the randomness, I think the open gameplay is really fun.

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