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security checks

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this weekend my old town had its yearly festival. it has sucked ass these last few years and this year was the worst. however this time all cars where searched that eneter the area. one reason is that for the last few years fights, mainly gang related, have spilled over into our area. this year there where several at the festival, use to be mainly a few drunks yet these last few years it has been kids. also there where 4 shootings in this area during the weekend, not really anything new cause here we get a shooting or shoot out every week. and with 9/11 such secruity was extra tight. it surprised me to actually see them searching every car entering or leaving the area.

this brought the thing down. i can under stand a drunk fight, hell there was always one. yet why do a bunch of kids suddenly think it is cool to fight in a crowded place, if ur gonna fight do it with honnor and in an alley or something. this thing has been around for over a hundred years, yet it has really sucked balls the last ten. anyway has anyone else noticed extra security at such events this month?

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