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The Recycling Bin [2 Vanilla compatible maps - Now on IDGames]

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I don't know why, but that first picture makes me think of Counterattack... that's a good thing!

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Two really great maps - I love how the architecture was re-used, along with the multiple uses of large-scale room transformations. Awesome job! These deserve more than just a "I have two maps I don't know what to do with" release.


Also, I found a fucky wucky.

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You finally reveal some of the contents of your avatar? Noice!

Happy Birthday :)

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Well this is interesting...

Here have a sorta-fda for MAP01 (Because I loaded up first accidentally without -record, then again I only saw bits of the first room.) :

munrecfda.zip (recorded with chocolate-doom on -skill 4).

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